Understudies – Elisabeth Gray and Daniel Zimbler

Understudies – Elisabeth Gray and Daniel Zimbler 0

Understudies is the new web series created by the insanely talented Elisabeth Gray and Daniel Zimbler, and their insanely talented cast.

Born into a pedigreed musical theater family, actress Astoria Bagg (Elisabeth Gray) finally gets her big break understudying the lead in Broadway’s hotly-anticipated Twilight at Tiffany’s. Between navigating the backstage dramas of a high-end Broadway production and the trauma wrought by a competitive, Tony-award-winning mother (Alison Fraser), Astoria seeks to find her place as an artist in the city of a thousand stages (New York).

Inspired by the real life experiences of the show’s co-creator Elisabeth Gray who understudied on Broadway’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Understudies takes office comedy to a whole new dimension: the rehearsal room. It’s smart, wonderfully subversive, beautifully acted and shot, and best of all, it’s funny as hell– and moving, too.  Watch the trailer on You Tube and make sure tosubscribe for the series which debuts May 2.

The Three Pillars of Singing — Julia Amisano

The Three Pillars of Singing — Julia Amisano 0

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Julia Amisano The Three Pillars of Singing

My name is Julia Amisano and I am a singer, music teacher, and the founder of Grace Music Studio NY, a music studio in Brooklyn founded upon the philosophy that everyone is a singer.  I developed a method called the Three Pillars of Singing so that everyone can learn how to sing in three simple steps.

You too can learn Julia’s method by ordering or downloading her DVD, The Three Pillars of Singing, at http://howtosingeasily.com

To enquire about voice lessons, piano lessons or acting lessons and to learn some of Julia’s free singing tips, please visit www.gracemusicstudiony.com

Here’s what one student has to say about Julia’s teaching:

“My name is Sharice Styles, and for the past 10 years I have been writing songs for numerous platinum recording artists all over the world. After being behind the scenes that long, I feel that I have grown and matured enough to step up front and use my skills to launch my own career. I had an awesome experience working with Julia. She has really helped me sharpen my skills to prepare for my single release “Pull The Plug”. I have now expanded my vocal range abilities, thanks to Julia I can hit almost every key on the piano…I know this was an important part of my journey, and I will be forever grateful…”
–Sharice Styles

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