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Global Children’s founder, Laura Tancredi, first visited Cambodia in 1990 as a high school student. After becoming exposed to the Cambodian culture in Phnom Penh, she immediately fell in love and grew an attachment with the children living in Cambodia’s Nutrition Center Orphanage.

Despite the immense poverty and other challenges, the children at the orphanage remained positive, motivated, and hopeful – as if nothing stood in their way. This resiliency inspired Laura to keep returning to Cambodia, where she photographed the children’s inspiring life stories and offered her helping hand. more

Theresa is a Mother 0

From our friends at May Sky Picture Entertainment comes this gem of a film…

Theresa McDermott has chased her “ideal” life as an urban-dwelling, punk(ish) singer-songwriter to the very end of its possible existence. She is broke, options have run out and she happens to have a few kids she is raising on her own since their dad split a year ago. Facing eviction and nowhere to go, Theresa packs up her children and what is left of her life and moves back to the small rural town, childhood home and parents she deliberately ran from a decade ago.  Old wounds, unattainable dreams, and some “other things” are exposed as a fractured family works to become whole and a woman with a few kids learns to become a mother.

“You should make an effort to see as soon as possible.” Steve Kopian



BEST FEATURE Amsterdam Film Festival (Van Gogh Award)
BEST FEATURE Long Island International Film Expo (Jury Award) more

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