A Man Walks into a Bar 0

“A man walks into a bar…” is the line that begins a thousand stories, some of them funny, some of them sad, but all of them very human. That’s because we humans have lived a good deal of our history in bars. To meet, to drink, and to do things that change the world.

There’s a rich history to be found in the great bars of the world, and not just the kind that interior decorators love. No, it’s the history of human schemes and dreams—and so, it’s the story of us all.

A Man Walks into a Bar will appeal to anyone who likes their history a little wet and their martinis a little dry. Taking a page from Anthony Bourdain’s successful “No Reservations” food series, our lively and learned host James Penner takes the audience around the world on a grand pub crawl. Viewers will engage with James, and with the fascinating people he meets along the way—the storytellers, the locals, the bartenders, and the unexpected. They’ll also learn about a famous drink in the bars we visit, and can snag drink recipes from our accompanying website. But really, you need neither be a drinker nor a history buff to like this show: all you need to like are good stories, told by a gifted storyteller and his entertaining colleagues.