The Penalty Killing – Michael McKinley 0


“McKinley breaks away into a unique and enthralling new genre – the hockey thriller! This fast paced novel encompasses an innovative story line, beautifully created settings, and brilliantly developed characters – a literary hat trick!”

Martin Carter has to solve a murder to save his life…

Martin Carter is a former hockey great whose career was cut short by a head injury. He’s now in charge of community relations for the New York St. Patricks, a team positioned to win the Cup for the first time in almost forty years. But their hopes are dashed when a crucial game ends in a violent, bench-clearing brawl that leaves the opposing team’s star forward in a coma. Only one person saw exactly what happened: a filmmaker in the front row caught the attack on video. What exactly is on the video? And why is it worth killing for? The action is intense and the stakes are high as Carter becomes the main suspect in a murder and must race to clear his name in this gripping debut thriller.



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