You Belong in a Zoo! 0


Every screaming kid who bounces off the furniture, and then the walls, hears mom and dad say: “You belong in a zoo!” And with the children’s TV series, You Belong in a Zoo!, every kid has a chance to do just that!

With the fun, friendly and generally fabulous Oxford zoologist Dr. Joanna Bagniewska as our guide, You Belong in a Zoo! goes on a grand adventure into the world of furry, flying, swimming and crawling creatures. Joanna, who has traveled the world in pursuit of her passion for animals, and who speaks several languages, will take viewers on a journey that could go around the corner to their nearest zoo, or half-way around our planet to the famous Vancouver Aquarium, or perhaps to a wildlife sanctuary in Indonesia!

Joanna with owl

You Belong in a Zoo! treks through the exciting, sometimes dangerous and always amazing activities that are going on in zoos and aquariums of the world, and introduces young viewers to some of the most remarkable critters from the sea, land and sky. We also get to meet and work right alongside scientists, veterinarians, and trainers who show us how useful zoos can be for learning more about animals, and for helping the species which struggle in the wild.

And while we’re helping, we see our furry or finny or flying pals in action. Far from being places of captivity, today’s aquariums and zoos are active centers of caring and learning – not just for scientists, but for kids, too.